Girl Talk.

  So true. I recently had the honor of being a guest speaker for a panel discussion on the topic of: Defining Your Personal Brand. Personal brand development is something that I am extremely passionate about - hence the reason that I worked by butt off to turn it into a career. However, the reality [...]

Be a #GirlBoss

There's always been something about being a #GirlBoss that has motivated me. Years ago when I started my career in finance I got a first look at what it's really like to be a girl in a "guy's world"... You want to talk about a glass ceiling - working on the trading floor often seemed [...]

Bike ridin’

Bike ridin’

"It's like riding a bike"... Adjective[edit] like riding a bike (simile) Said of skill that, once learned, is never forgotten. How many times have we heard this phrase? It is certainly one of those that people love to throw around, but I have to wonder how many actually put thought to the meaning behind it. I went for an actual [...]


When you step outside of your comfort zone and do the scary things... Magic awaits. As this year quickly comes to an end, it's hard for me not to reminisce on all of the craziness, ups and downs, trials and tribulations, failures and triumphs that have occurred. I always get a bit nostalgic around this [...]