Getting Comfortable in a World That’s Always Changing

Have you ever heard the mantra “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”? This mindset is something that I have been working hard to embrace, especially in a time when uncertainty and a lack of control are what’s normal right now. To all the planners, organizers, by-the-book, and type-A individuals out there, I see you and I completely relate to the struggle that this year has brought;  just know that the growth we are being forced to undergo is going to make us better in the long run.    

When life is up in the air, we look for any kind of foundation or solid ground to ease our fear of the unknown. This is just one behavior that speaks to our humanness; we turn to means of control to ease unsettled feelings beyond our control. Despite our fleeting efforts, the reality is that because our world is always changing, there is nothing in this life that can provide complete security. No matter what we grab for or lean into, it will change.

I love to be in control and I really hate pain, so when the perfect storm of both these hits, I’m peacing out to a deserted island (well, that’s what I naturally want to do). I want to run and find comfort in something that I am familiar with: food, a good book, meditation, working out, time with friends and family, and the list goes on.

Side Bar: Remember that sometimes our otherwise positive coping mechanisms can be used for the wrong things. Examine why you’re really doing something.   

The world will never stop changing. This is not to say that you can’t find success and happiness in areas of your life that are well-established and comfortable. But even when you get comfortable in certain areas of life, you have to be prepared for change at some point (and sometimes this is for the better).

Instead of seeking fleeting ground, try to stretch yourself to find comfort and peace in times of hesitancy. The best remedy to calm our nerves and help propel us forward is to lean into the uncomfortable situations and figure out how to respond in that moment. Be ok with the uncertainty, and let’s get comfortable with being uncomfortable together.

With Love,

– LW

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