Stop Waiting for “Someday”

The Perfect Time Doesn’t Exist

New Year’s, Monday, tomorrow, next week, next month… Everyone can relate to the mentality of pushing something off. For some reason, we think that we need a scheduled starting point in order to implement something new into our lives. One of the crowd favorites is “someday”, which as we know, never actually comes to fruition, and all of the projects with the timestamp on them get left unfinished. Trust me when I say that I get it, because I have been this person (and still am this person sometimes, although I try very hard not to be). I have notebooks filled with ideas and plans that will never get executed, and that’s just the truth. I’ve attempted to implement certain habits into my life starting on a Monday. And I’ve waited until the end of the quarter to set new goals for my company. Heck, I even am guilty of doing this as a mom; thinking, the next time Skylar does not listen, then I will try a new approach. It’s a terrible habit, and one that falls in the category of self-sabotage because we know ourselves, and we know that the likelihood of it actually happening is pretty low.

I read something that resonated with me. “Right now, right this very second is a chance to turn it all around. Not tomorrow. Not next Monday. Not next year. But right this very second.” You want to start your healthy eating plan (I am not a fan of “diets”)? Perfect. Start now and make one (seriously, just one) better decision during your next meal. You want to get in shape? Perfect. Stop what you’re doing and go for a walk. Seriously, if this is you, stop reading and go for a walk. Sometimes it’s a matter of setting into motion an action you want to take before your brain has time to object.

“Right now, right this very second is a chance to turn it all around. Not tomorrow. Not next Monday. Not next year. But right this very second.”

Take the Smallest Action

A couple of years ago, I outlined the very things that make me happy in a given day: reading, writing, prayer, working out. At first, I got really good at doing all of these things before I started my day. I got up a little earlier and made it all happen. It was basically a fool-proof way for me to have an amazing day. Regardless of what came at me throughout the day, I had already done the most important things towards becoming the best version of myself which allowed me to BE the best person in all things personal and professional. It worked wonders. And then… I had a baby. And for all my mommas (and dads) out there, you know that your personal schedule takes a backseat to feedings, diaper changes, naps, spending time with your child, etc.

Nonetheless, I was committed to making my morning rituals work. I read short passages whenever I could, which was typically while I ate breakfast, or 5 minutes before I passed out at night. I continued to get on my knees and pray every single night before I went to bed, and I started to write in a diary to Skylar. My workouts began to consist of carrying my child up and down the stairs and taking several laps around the block. It wasn’t perfect by any means, and some days (probably a lot of days) I slipped up, and missed out on one, two, or all of them–except prayer every night before bed. There is power in a praying mama. But, I knew that if I let myself fall back into the idea of “someday,” nothing would ever happen. More importantly I knew that if I was going to be able to “show up” everyday and be the best mom that I could be, I had to force myself to take the first step over and over again. It wasn’t for me. It was for my daughter, my family, my employees, my friends, and the strangers that I was meant to impact in some way (even if in the tiniest way).

This boils down to a simple reality: someday will never come, and we are not promised tomorrow. Right this very instant (yes, as you finish reading this blog) there is a chance to take action in turning even something small around. What are you waiting for? Remember, most people regret all of the things they didn’t do as opposed to that which they did when they finally reach the end. Don’t be most people. Don’t wait for someday.

With Love

– LW

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