Check Your Habits

How You Fill Your Time Matters

I am obsessed with the concept of habits. Any kind of beneficial discipline or growth structure that can be added to my life is one that I am all ears to learning more about. As a mompreneur, it is so important that I practice these as much as I can–and you can bet that I have read any book or podcast on the topic. I by no means am claiming to be an expert, but I am very particular with how I fill my time, and habits play such a significant role in that.

Implementing good habits into your life is so important, but to allow these to have their fullest effect, you have to be equally self aware of the bad habits that may be taking over. Lately with everything going on in the world, I have felt stress and anxiety more than usual. My initial reaction to these outside pressures–and ultimately a really bad habit that I easily fall into–is to reach for Instagram and start mindlessly scrolling.

I have come to realize that what I am actually searching for when I open this app on my phone is peace and control. The irony is that Instagram is ultimately the last place that I will find either of these. So, I have decided to call myself out and change the loop. Every time I feel a trigger to fall back into this bad habit, I will replace this with something else. It’s so important to note that you cannot just take something out of your life, you need to replace it with something else.

Any time I want to open my Instagram app for reasons other than work, I now make myself open my “YouVersion” Bible app. Digging deeper into devotionals and the Word of the Lord provides that deeper fulfillment that I tend to look for through scrolling; knowing all the while that IG doesn’t last. God does.

To help set myself up for success in building this new habit, I have moved my Bible app to my homescreen, and then placed my Instagram app into a folder on the last screen. If I start scrolling to reach my social apps, I now have time to realize why I am reaching for it, and intentionally take action to change the loop.

Habits require you to train your brain to understand that there are better ways to cope with feelings, emotions, situations, experiences, etc. One of the most important parts of this loop is self awareness; identifying the bad habits so you can move towards the good. The popular view of habits is that they take 21 days to be established. I want to challenge this and encourage you to take them one day at a time, fully being willing to honestly check yourself, and then being brave enough to take action.

With Love,

– LW

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