A Call to Dream Bigger

Think Bigger. Dream Bigger. Innovate More.

I recently took part in a Mastermind course, and during a call with the course graduates, the guest speaker was the former head of innovation for the Walt Disney Company. Of all the great insight that was shared, the point that stood out to me the most during the talk was the idea of what Disney is all about. The experience is not centered around the specific details within each park, regardless of how insanely flawless these are. A trip to Disney is about the memories and the nostalgia of what the brand offers to its audience.

The first time that I took Skylar to Disney she was one year old. Initially my goal was to take her every year, but we’re going to view 2020 as a pass for obvious reasons. One of the non-negotiable rides that we have to go on when we’re there is “It’s a Small World”; this also happens to be my mom’s favorite, but not because of the little people who sing to you. What makes this ride so special are the memories and sense of tradition that are tied to the experience. One of the quickest ways to tap into people’s emotions is by bringing to life a memory.

Naturally with my decision to take Skylar to Disney at such a young age, there also comes the flood of questions as to why I would spend all that money when she won’t even remember it?

News Flash: There is not a “perfect age” for anything!

To this I will respond that going to Disney is not just about the memories that take place, it’s about the reminder and the challenge to think outside of the boxes that we adults thrive in, and to remember that dreams can come true. I’m living mine each day.

Skylar’s excitement of seeing princesses that have “come out of the television” and are interacting with her in person is unparalleled. There is something about the wonder and imagination of seeing your child’s face light up that should challenge you to stretch yourself to want more and dream bigger. As adults, we need to stop thinking so practically and move outside our confining boxes. Making sense of things is honesty overrated (again, I use 2020 as a prime example).

Even though as parents we are the “teachers” to our children, there is a lot we can learn from the raw and genuine perspective that children hold. I challenge you to take their perspective and make it our own, and let’s think bigger, dream bigger, and innovate more together.

With Love,

– LW

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