My Digital Detox

How I was Filling My Time

Our lives revolve around countless digital mediums with our phones being one of the more popular and convenient options to mindlessly reach for. Although advancements in technology have led to faster and easier ways to get things done, the distractions of staring at screens and playing the mental comparison game are also equally present. The toll that too much digital exposure can have on your life is a very real thing, and something that I recently recognized I needed to take a step back from. AKA, time for a digital detox.    

For starters, my detox was only supposed to last for four days, but this quickly stretched into ten (if I’m being honest, I wouldn’t have minded extending it further). I love the positive benefits that social media offers, and I truly believe that God has laid it on my heart to use this as a means of sharing my story and living out my WHY. So until this clearly changes, I plan to keep going.

Want to watch/ listen to my detox overview? Take a trip over to my IGTV   

I initially decided to embark on a digital detox after days worth of fighting spiraling thoughts. I found myself in a funk that I could simply not get out of. Anxiety slowly started to creep in and occupy far too much mental real estate. As some of you may know, I take my mental health very seriously, and I make mental well-being a daily priority in an effort to be as proactive as possible. During this more recent struggle, no matter what I tried, nothing could get me out of it. When things got to the point that a mid-day meditation or walk outside resulted in no improvement, I knew that it was time to take a step back and take a hard look at what was going on.

The reality is that I had spent so many days caught up in social media. It wasn’t like normal where I check in on stories and clients a few times a day, but this had evolved to the point where I found myself grabbing my phone and immediately going to Instagram much more than normal. I was wayyyy too caught up in what everyone else was doing (IG stories & IG Reels) and falling down the rabbit hole of comparison, which we all know is a slippery and dangerous slope. I also found myself constantly stumbling upon people who were calling people out and ranting about “cancel culture”. I know that as Christians it is our job to stand up for what is right and just, but I also think that there is a fine line that should be approached cautiously and filled with prayer and wisdom. Plain and simply, I found myself in the abyss of clicks, wasting more time than I have in a long while, getting nowhere. Finally I gave in and decided to shut things down.

The Lessons Learned

After 10 straight days outside of social media I came to realize a few things:

  1. I think wayyy too much about what I am going to share on my IG story. I realized that whether it was a new recipe that I tried or something funny that Skylar did, my first reaction was to grab my phone and post it to my IG story. I am soooo happy that I took the time to rewire my brain on this one.
  2. The internet/social media aren’t going anywhere and a few days away won’t hurt you.
  3. Who cares if it messes with your algorithm or engagement – it’s constantly changing and your mental health is way more important.
  4. It’s important to be self-aware and then brave enough to take action in an effort to put yourself in the best position possible.

The irony about what I just shared with my digital detox, is that you are having to consume it through some kind of digital platform. I realize that completely removing yourself from digital is a big ask (to an extent, impossible in this day and age), but I would encourage you to evaluate how much time you spend looking at a screen, and what your motive is for giving that your attention. If you have an honest conversation, you might come to realize a digital detox is in your best interest. Let me know if you take the step and delete the app!

With Love

– LW

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