What Are Your 300?

My Challenge to You

Good morning beautiful people! Going into this weekend, I have a challenge for you. Plain and simple, I want you to write down your 300. I know what you’re thinking … 300? 300 what? Whatever this is, that is a big number. Here’s the answer: I want you to write out a list of the 300 things that you want in this life.  

I recently wrote out a list of 300 things that I want in life. This action was inspired by a motivational talk from Steve Harvey where he talked about two things that will change your life forever: The first change that must take place is that you have to ask for what you want. You have not because you ask not, so why not start asking?

“You have to ask for what you want”

The second change that must occur for success to have space to be met, is that you have to write it down. Harvey strongly urged his listeners to make a list of 300 things that they want in life–hopes, dreams, money in the bank, cars, homes, vacations, experiences, goals, charities you want to support, family and friends you want to gift things to, any and everything. When you document, not only does this create a paper trail, but it spells out your thoughts in a way that you can then reflect on them in the future. Some of the most successful individuals always carry a notebook around with them so they can write anything and everything that may come to mind. I use my Notes section in my iPhone all the time for this purpose! 

“Write it down”

This task may sound like one of those “optional exercises” that you could do in high school or college for extra credit, but let me tell you something: for those who are serious about reaching goals and meeting success in its fullest form, nothing is optional. Anything that moves you closer towards your goals should be a priority that is approached with a desire to achieve.

Push Past Your Limitations

Yes, 300 is a big number, and this exercise is harder than it sounds, but I didn’t stop until I hit that magic number. The list in its entirety filled 12 pages of my journal and took about 45 minutes to complete. At some point you will hit a mental block and feel confident that there is no possible way to come up with 300. I’m here to encourage you to push past that mental barrier that you have placed on your mind, and think beyond the limitations that we hold ourselves to on what we think is possible. 

Because I believe that the actual motivational video of Steve Harvey does an amazing job evoking a desire to take action, I wanted to be sure to include this in today’s post. 

Take some time over the next day or so to consider your “asks”, and then include these in your documentation. There is so much value in seeing your dreams, goals, and desires spelled out in front of you. The task of writing these down is the first step towards giving life to those things that you want in life; furthermore, this act will hold you accountable to working towards achieving them. Comment below, and let me know how building out your list goes, along with any ways that I might be able to help bring these goals to life. 300, ready, set, go! 

With Love,

– LW

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