Find Your “New Normal”

Hello beautiful people. To say that our lives have been turned upside down seems like an understatement. When all of this first started it seems insane at the thought that it would go on for more than 30 days, and yet here we are. Where I am, based in the Midwest, we are now heading into week 5 of our “new normal”. It took me a few weeks to find my bearings. Those first few weeks I just didn’t know what to think and had absolutely no idea what the nature of my business would look like since all of my clients at the time were professionals athletes. It was scary, and slowly but surely that fear turned into stress which turned into anxiety. I found myself having zero motivation to get out of bed in the morning, no idea where or how to begin my day, and often getting nothing done because it just felt like too much. Thank the Lord that I do have a two year old so the mere action of getting her up and fed in the morning, followed by quality time together kept me going in some sense. However you better believe that I was maximizing nap time with a book or in many instances a nap myself – as opposed to how I used to o things which was focused on getting as much work done as possible. That went on for two, nearly three weeks before I knew that something had to change. I allowed myself grace for the time that I spent leading up to it. This was an unprecedented time and I just didn’t feel like “faking it til I made it”. So I leaned in and allowed myself to feel all of the emotions. But luckily, my self-awareness stayed in tact and I started to realize that if I was going to maximize whatever this “new normal” was going to be, I would have to make changes.

I start slow, very slow. I implemented a morning walk before the rest of my house woke up in the morning. It gave me something to get up early for (which also pushed me into bed earlier the night before) and started my day with not just physical activity, but also a clear mind. I left my AirPods at home and just walked, being one with nature. Slowly that turned into more daily workouts – I even pulled out the weights and bands that we keep at our house. Then it was time to turn the switch on my business. I knew that I had to use this time to grow in ways that I have been dreaming of, but just couldn’t quite find the time. I started to check in on some of the entrepreneurs that I look up to and realized that a lot of them were offering free training or at least going live and sharing key insights into their success. All of that coupled with a subscription to the Calm app, daily devotional in the morning, 1 chapter of the book I was reading in the morning and again before bed, slowly started to pull me out of the spiral and into my “new normal”. I think it’s important to highlight that we will forever have a “new normal”. I didn’t want to find a routine to get me back to where I was before this all happened, because we don’t know what’s on the other side of this. I encourage you to find a sense of balance (or imbalance) in all of this. Don’t strive to go back to how it was before. Stretch yourself to find peace, clarity, and motivation in whatever this new situation is, whether it is temporary and you have to pivot again, or more long term.

In an effort to help you get this new normal on track, I put together some of the free resources that I have been LOVING. Enjoy. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay home. With Love, LW. xo

MEDITATION: Offering free sessions

ENTREPRENEURS: sharing key insights via training, IG live, and IGTV

PODCAST RECOMMENDATIONS: available on Apple Podcasts

The Home Team – Listen to Sam Ponder’s Story

Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations

She Did It Her Way

How I Built This

Why Not Now

FITNESS: offering free workouts

YouTube – I love searching free workouts and yoga classes on here

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