Bike ridin’

“It’s like riding a bike”…


like riding a bike

  1. (simile) Said of skill that, once learned, is never forgotten.

How many times have we heard this phrase? It is certainly one of those that people love to throw around, but I have to wonder how many actually put thought to the meaning behind it. I went for an actual bike ride (no, spin class doesn’t count…) for the first time in at least 10 years yesterday. First of all, despite the phrase, I’ll admit that it took me a minute to get my bearings. It probably didn’t help the situation that I could barely touch the ground, but that’s another story. While cruising around the neighborhood with my sister, I got to thinking (what else is new)… The phrase itself relates to the idea of never forgetting how to do something once you learn it… But what about the process that it took to get to that point? So often do I find myself at the “like riding a bike” step and realize that I can’t even remember how I got there. The fact is that you don’t start right off the bat on a two wheeler… Just like you don’t stand on the top of the success mountain without climbing it. As it relates to bike riding, most of us started with a tricycle (remember the Big Wheel?!), worked our way up to training wheels and then graduated to the level of a two wheeler, which was usually filled with some skinned knees and a bump or a bruise here and there. It seems like we so quickly forget this.

Like many entrepreneurs, I set the bar high for myself. It’s a blessing and a curse. I feel like I can often be my own worst enemy because I set the bar so high that it seems nearly impossible to reach it. Because of this, I constantly keep my focus on the end result, often being nearly blind to everything that is happening along the way. Luckily I am extremely self aware and know that I need to work on this. As I continue to make working on this a priority in my life, I am happy to share experiences and advice in an effort to help others. My number one piece of advice is to blend, not balance. As an entrepreneur, my work is my life and my life is my work. End of story. In an effort to attempt to enjoy the process, I blend as many areas of my worlds as possible. Yesterday’s bike ride was a perfect example of this. My family, my fitness and my overall mental health and well being are all priorities to me… So to be able to group them all together in a one hour bike ride is perfect. I was able to get a workout in while spending time with my sister. Not to mention, taking time away from the computer to explore and open my mind was more than healthy for my mental capacity. It also gave me a new perspective on life… and resulted in a blog post. Win. Win. Win. You need to decide what is important in your life, and then find as many ways as possible to blend them all together. I consistently forget that I am technically “working” all of the time. This is the ideal situation. You know that they say: Find the perfect career and you will never work a day in your life! I try to include my family in as many of my client’s sporting events as possible and I drag my friends along to all of the networking events that I get invited to. There are usually some cool people and free drinks at all of the above which tends to make the convincing a little easier… Keep in mind that what works for me might not work for you, so give it the good ‘ole trial and error and make it your own. You’ll figure it out… and learn some amazing things about yourself along the way. Trust the process… and more importantly, enjoy the process. Don’t wait until you get to the “like riding a bike” phase before you stop and enjoy it… Always happy to help in the mean time! xo

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