Get Yo’ Greens Smoothie

Good morning beautiful people! With this new day that we have been blessed with, what better way to start things off than with one of my favorite breakfast recipes. I like to call it a “Get yo’ greens” smoothie. For anyone who has not tried smoothie meal replacers, these are game changers. You can pack […]

Do You Know Your Worth?

Do you know your worth? This may seem like a simple question with a simple answer of “yes”, but what do you do about it? I recently asked one of the girls on my team to help me with a new project. To be quite honest, her response surprised me. “Yes, but being that this […]

The Opportunity Cost of a Mompreneur

The job title of mompreneur comes with lots of exciting benefits, but there is also another layer–past the 24/7 grind and all the social media filters–that people rarely see. This holds true really for any working mom or dad who’s out there chasing a dream and trying to be the best example they can be […]

Fish Tacos & Tequila

When is the best time to eat tacos? Always. I recently made this recipe for an at home patio date night with my hubby, and I have to say, enjoying this on a warm summer’s eve was a relaxing little getaway in and of itself. This is a quick, yummy, whole food healthy combo to […]

Letter to Baby Boy

Dear Baby Boy, When I was pregnant with your sister, I was in a very different place in my life. I believe God truly showed up and wrecked my life in all of the right ways when I got pregnant with her. I felt like God was offering me a second chance in life. A […]

Faith in the Sports Biz

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to speak to a sports management class at Pepperdine University. During my time speaking, an extremely bright young girl asked a very valid question–one that I really wish didn’t have to be a topic of conversation in and of itself. She asked how you can implement your […]

Getting Comfortable in a World That’s Always Changing

Have you ever heard the mantra “get comfortable with being uncomfortable”? This mindset is something that I have been working hard to embrace, especially in a time when uncertainty and a lack of control are what’s normal right now. To all the planners, organizers, by-the-book, and type-A individuals out there, I see you and I […]

It’s Just Like Riding a Bike

“It’s just like riding a bike.” How many times have we heard this go-to phrase of comparison before? It is certainly one that people love to throw around, but I wonder how much thought–if any–has been given to the actual meaning behind it. I was watching my daughter ride around on her bike yesterday (mind […]

Healthy Turkey Chili

Who’s to say that chili is a dish that can only be eaten when the weather gets chilly and football season comes around? Maybe the recent lack of sports is making me miss times like this even more, but there is never not a good time to make my healthy turkey chili. Not only are […]

The Way Maker (in a Pandemic)

God’s Timing Have you ever had a time where the perfect song comes on at just the perfect time? I don’t mean if you’re at a wedding on the dance floor, or just about to start a workout and your favorite hype song comes on. I’m talking about the times when your heart is heavy, […]