Healthy Turkey Chili

Who’s to say that chili is a dish that can only be eaten when the weather gets chilly and football season comes around? Maybe the recent lack of sports is making me miss times like this even more, but there is never not a good time to make my healthy turkey chili. Not only are […]

The Way Maker (in a Pandemic)

God’s Timing Have you ever had a time where the perfect song comes on at just the perfect time? I don’t mean if you’re at a wedding on the dance floor, or just about to start a workout and your favorite hype song comes on. I’m talking about the times when your heart is heavy, […]

Stop Waiting for “Someday”

The Perfect Time Doesn’t Exist New Year’s, Monday, tomorrow, next week, next month… Everyone can relate to the mentality of pushing something off. For some reason, we think that we need a scheduled starting point in order to implement something new into our lives. One of the crowd favorites is “someday”, which as we know, […]

You Want me to Give Up Control?

As a self-proclaimed control freak, I know exactly how hard it can be to relinquish even an ounce of control. I grew up being taught that if you want something done right, save yourself the re-work and just do it yourself. However, I have been challenging myself, and now I am challenging you, to enlist […]

Keep Showing Up

Show Up in Sports and in Life With so much still up in the air for the world of sports, I recently reflected on when I first entered the industry almost five years ago, and the comparable amount of uncertainty that existed for me back then as well. In any normal year, many powerhouse college […]

Are You Wearing Multiple Hats?

I was recently talking with a friend and fellow mompreneur about ways to get back to her core passion and values, and allow these to be the driving factors in her business. Right before our conversation ended, she asked, “why are you so authentically passionate about the work you do?” Now I can confidently answer […]

Why Boundaries are Important

The Work Life Blending Reality When I first launched LW Branding, I was excited for the opportunity to be able to control my own schedule. I had spent five years in corporate America and was in a position where I averaged 65+ hours per week, while only getting paid for 40 of them (something definitely […]

Check Your Habits

How You Fill Your Time Matters I am obsessed with the concept of habits. Any kind of beneficial discipline or growth structure that can be added to my life is one that I am all ears to learning more about. As a mompreneur, it is so important that I practice these as much as I […]

A Call to Dream Bigger

Think Bigger. Dream Bigger. Innovate More. I recently took part in a Mastermind course, and during a call with the course graduates, the guest speaker was the former head of innovation for the Walt Disney Company. Of all the great insight that was shared, the point that stood out to me the most during the […]

The Mamba Mentality Passion Project

Connecting on a Deeper Level One of the reasons that I love working within the world of strategic branding for professional athletes and influencers has absolutely nothing to do with the glitz and glamour. In fact, the parties, having my name on guest lists, and rubbing elbows with sought after “A-listers”, doesn’t do it for […]