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What Are Your 300?

My Challenge to You Good morning beautiful people! Going into this weekend, I have a challenge for you. Plain and simple, I want you to write down your 300. I know what you’re thinking … 300? 300 what? Whatever this is, that is a big number. Here’s the answer: I want you to write out […]

The Struggle with Imposter Syndrome

Hey Google, what is “Imposter Syndrome”? Recently, someone asked me if I’ve ever dealt with imposter syndrome. I graciously enlightened her with my response: constantly. For those of you wondering, I will save you a trip to Google: “imposter syndrome can be defined as a collection of feelings of inadequacy that persists despite evident success” […]

Immunity Building Fettuccine

Who would have ever thought that you could boost your immune system with pasta of all foods? Typically this is one of those dishes that you want to consume more on the sparing side, but the fact that this specific recipe is loaded with foods that have been shown to help boost your immune system–garlic, […]

Five Ways to Ignore What Others Think of You

A few years ago, one of my summer interns requested an exit interview. We had already wrapped up the required end of internship commitments, but she wanted to know more. I’m always impressed when people go above and beyond, risk reaching out, risk sharing what they want, or risk asking hard questions. So, of course, […]

Greater Risks = Greater Rewards

In business–and in large part, my entire life–I have operated largely from trial and error. Even if an idea seems far-fetched or odd, I’ll take the risk, try it out, and see where it goes. One of the cornerstone questions that I always ask myself when considering a risk, is what do I have to […]

Slow Down and Smell the Roses

Quick Reactions Have you ever noticed that quick reactions are something we work hard to develop? In sports, a common goal is to have the quickest reaction to instantly changing scenarios. When driving, quick reactions can be the difference between a call to the insurance company and continuing on your way. Witty remarks are approved […]

Personal Branding 101: Q&A

Happy Friday beautiful people! We have finally worked our way through each of my four personal branding series steps. Step 1: You Do Not Build a Brand, You are Your Brand Step 2: Document. Do not Create Step 3: Leveraging Your Mediums Step 4: Start Now I can’t thank you enough for sticking with me, […]

The Balancing Act

The Question How do you balance it all? It’s a question I get all the time. Usually it’s from other working moms or boss babes who are thinking about having kids. I think my answer typically surprises them. Because in the most sincere and direct way, I explain that I just make it work. Let […]


If you happen to have lots of bananas on hand right now, I have two super simple recipes that are going to become your best friend. If you just so happen to love bananas, coffee, and pancakes, (in no particular order) you’re in even more luck. But first, coffee, that is, an Iced Banana Joe […]

Personal Branding 101: Step 4

The Final Branding Step Happy Friday, beautiful people! We have finally made it to the last of four steps covering my Personal Branding 101 series. For those of you who have been keeping up with me over the past several Fridays, welcome back and thank you for continuing to show up! If this is the […]