My Secret Sabbatical

Disclaimer: This article contains information on the topic of mental health. I am not a medical professional nor a therapist. Please know that I am not providing medical advice, and recommend that you consult your healthcare provider or therapist as necessary. There are also points in this story that may be triggering for some. If […]

Progress Over Perfection

One of the mindsets that I have come to master, and absolutely LOVE, is the idea of progress over perfection. I’ve always been a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and I firmly believe that it goes back to my early days as a gymnast when I was told that anything less than a gold medal was categorized as […]

A Reflection of Your Environment

Does your life feel messy? Maybe turned upside down to the point where you can’t seem to get a grip? This is one of the most unsettling feelings in my opinion, especially being that I like to keep a clean, organized, and ducks in a row environment around me as much as possible. Someone taught […]

Do as I Say, and Watch as I Do

I know that it’s often said that little kids really are watching, listening, and taking note of everything we adults do, but it is so true! Almost a year ago, Jason, Skylar and I started implementing family prayer time into our bedtime routine. To be honest, I can’t really remember how or why it all […]

Success is Not Always Linear

Did you know that I started my career in professional sports as a NBA stylist? It was never my end goal, but it was my best bet at getting my foot in the door. You see, the thing with the sports industry is that you have to have clients to get clients. And being that […]

It’s OK to Just Be

It’s so easy to get caught up in the million and one things on our to do lists and forget that those who love and care about us most usually need (and only want) the least from us. I came to this realization the other night as I was rocking Skylar, my oldest, to sleep. […]

Comfort Zone Perspective

Do you do one thing everyday that scares you? This charge for action from the late first-lady Eleanor Roosevelt is one that always reminds me that taking a step outside of your comfort zone is truly what is necessary for growth, success, overcoming, you name it. The thing about comfort zones is that they are […]

Get Yo’ Greens Smoothie

Good morning beautiful people! With this new day that we have been blessed with, what better way to start things off than with one of my favorite breakfast recipes. I like to call it a “Get yo’ greens” smoothie. For anyone who has not tried smoothie meal replacers, these are game changers. You can pack […]

Do You Know Your Worth?

Do you know your worth? This may seem like a simple question with a simple answer of “yes”, but what do you do about it? I recently asked one of the girls on my team to help me with a new project. To be quite honest, her response surprised me. “Yes, but being that this […]

The Opportunity Cost of a Mompreneur

The job title of mompreneur comes with lots of exciting benefits, but there is also another layer–past the 24/7 grind and all the social media filters–that people rarely see. This holds true really for any working mom or dad who’s out there chasing a dream and trying to be the best example they can be […]

Fish Tacos & Tequila

When is the best time to eat tacos? Always. I recently made this recipe for an at home patio date night with my hubby, and I have to say, enjoying this on a warm summer’s eve was a relaxing little getaway in and of itself. This is a quick, yummy, whole food healthy combo to […]